2024 Atlanta Braves Schedule

Here’s a look at the Braves’ schedule

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The Atlanta Braves games are broadcast on Bally Sports Southeast, FOX, FS1, ESPN, TBS, Apple TV+, and MLB Network.

2024 Braves Schedule

July, 2024

Jul 2 San Francisco7:20 PMBSSE
Jul 3 San Francisco7:20 PMBSSE
Jul 4 San Francisco7:20 PMBSSE
Jul 5 Philadelphia7:20 PMBSSE
Jul 6 Philadelphia7:15 PMBSSE
Jul 7 Philadelphia1:35 PMBSSE
Jul 8 at Arizona9:40 PMBSSE
Jul 9 at Arizona9:40 PMBSSE
Jul 10 at Arizona9:40 PMBSSE
Jul 11 at Arizona9:40 PMBSSE
Jul 12 at San Diego9:40 PMBSSE
Jul 13 at San Diego7:15 PMBSSE
Jul 14 at San Diego4:10 PMBSSE
Jul 19 St. Louis7:20 PMBSSE
Jul 20 St. Louis7:20 PMBSSE
Jul 21 St. Louis1:35 PMBSSE
Jul 22 Cincinnati7:20 PMBSSE
Jul 23 Cincinnati7:20 PMBSSE
Jul 24 Cincinnati12:20 PMBSSE
Jul 25 at NY Mets7:10 PMBSSE
Jul 26 at NY Mets7:10 PMBSSE
Jul 27 at NY Mets4:10 PMBSSE
Jul 28 at NY Mets1:40 PMBSSE
Jul 29 at Milwaukee8:10 PMBSSE
Jul 30 at Milwaukee8:10 PMBSSE
Jul 31 at Milwaukee2:10 PMBSSE

August, 2024

Aug 1 Miami7:20 PMBSSE
Aug 2 Miami7:20 PMBSSE
Aug 3 Miami7:20 PMBSSE
Aug 4 Miami1:35 PMBSSE
Aug 6 Milwaukee7:20 PMBSSE
Aug 7 Milwaukee7:20 PMBSSE
Aug 8 Milwaukee12:20 PMBSSE
Aug 9 at Colorado8:40 PMBSSE
Aug 10 at Colorado8:10 PMBSSE
Aug 11 at Colorado3:10 PMBSSE
Aug 12 at San Francisco9:45 PMBSSE
Aug 13 at San Francisco9:45 PMBSSE
Aug 14 at San Francisco9:45 PMBSSE
Aug 15 at San Francisco3:45 PMBSSE
Aug 16 at LA Angels9:38 PMBSSE
Aug 17 at LA Angels9:38 PMBSSE
Aug 18 at LA Angels4:07 PMBSSE
Aug 20 Philadelphia7:20 PMBSSE
Aug 21 Philadelphia7:20 PMBSSE
Aug 22 Philadelphia7:15 PMBSSE
Aug 23 Washington7:20 PMBSSE
Aug 24 Washington7:20 PMBSSE
Aug 25 Washington12:05 PMBSSE
Aug 26 at Minnesota7:40 PMBSSE
Aug 27 at Minnesota7:40 PMBSSE
Aug 28 at Minnesota7:40 PMBSSE
Aug 29 at Philadelphia6:40 PMBSSE
Aug 30 at Philadelphia6:40 PMBSSE
Aug 31 at Philadelphia7:15 PMBSSE

September, 2024

Sep 1 at Philadelphia1:35 PMBSSE
Sep 3 Colorado7:20 PMBSSE
Sep 4 Colorado7:20 PMBSSE
Sep 5 Colorado7:20 PMBSSE
Sep 6 Toronto7:20 PMBSSE
Sep 7 Toronto7:20 PMBSSE
Sep 8 Toronto1:35 PMBSSE
Sep 10 at Washington6:45 PMBSSE
Sep 11 at Washington6:45 PMBSSE
Sep 13 LA Dodgers7:20 PMBSSE
Sep 14 LA Dodgers7:20 PMBSSE
Sep 15 LA Dodgers1:35 PMBSSE
Sep 16 LA Dodgers7:20 PMBSSE
Sep 17 at Cincinnati6:40 PMBSSE
Sep 18 at Cincinnati6:40 PMBSSE
Sep 19 at Cincinnati1:10 PMBSSE
Sep 20 at Miami7:10 PMBSSE
Sep 21 at Miami4:10 PMBSSE
Sep 22 at Miami1:40 PMBSSE
Sep 24 NY Mets7:20 PMBSSE
Sep 25 NY Mets7:20 PMBSSE
Sep 26 NY Mets7:20 PMBSSE
Sep 27 Kansas City7:20 PMBSSE
Sep 28 Kansas City7:20 PMBSSE
Sep 29 Kansas City3:20 PMBSSE

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